JoliGEN client python

Here are calls examples that you can use to make API calls to a JoliGEN server. Please note that you have to run a server first.

JoliGEN server

Ensure everything is installed

pip install fastapi uvicorn

Then run server:

server/ --host localhost --port 8000

Docker build

To build a docker for joliGEN server:

docker build -t jolibrain/joligen_build -f docker/ .
docker build -t jolibrain/joligen_server -f docker/Dockerfile.server .

To run the joliGEN docker:

nvidia-docker run jolibrain/myjoligen

Unit tests

To launch tests before new commits:

bash scripts/ /path/to/dir

Launch a training

python --host jg_server_host --port jg_server_port [joligen commandline options eg --dataroot /path/to/data --model_type cut]

NB: the name given in joligen commandline options will also be the name of the training process.

List trainings in progress

python --method training_status --host jg_server_host --port jg_server_port

Stop a training

python --method training_status --host jg_server_host --port jg_server_port --name training_name